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Because of the ever-growing popularity of wine, there are now more businesses than ever before that deal in wine cellar installation and the retailing of wine-related accessories. In an enormous city like Toronto, it is good to know which of these companies/businesses are most reliable (and which ones are not) when it comes to building a private wine cellar, as well as which shops in our fair city are best for purchasing wine-related accessories.

This is where I come in: over the past several years, not only have I dealt with many of these businesses, I have come to a proper understanding of which services and shops and better to use than others.

Indeed, it's high time for Toronto wine enthusiasts to be informed of which organizations/establishments are best to do business with!
For the most part, Toronto wine enthusiasts are fortunate enough to have a good number of reputable organizations in their midst that specialize in constructing wine cellars, from pre-fabricated wine racks to custom-built units.

While many of these companies operate on a busy schedule (what with the 'institution of wine' being more popular than it has ever been), it is not too hard to fine a company that best suits one's individual needs. Below is a list of some of the better organizations to use for building a wine cellar --- By the way, if you need help designing (and maintaining) a wine cellar, just let me know!
  • Epicure: The Gourmet Store --- based out of 190 Dundas Street West #8 in Mississauga (just west of Toronto), this company has a great selection of wine racks to choose from; I have not been to the store, so I do not know about their quality of service; prices seem very fair, though; online ordering is available --- website: http://www.epicureshop.ca/
  • Fowler Custom Works Inc. --- based out of 1750 Sismet Road #11 in Mississauga, I have not used this contractor before. From the looks of the website, I'd say the owner does good work --- website: http://www.fowlercustomworks.com/
  • Knightsbridge Cellars Inc. --- based out of 53 Churchill Drive #4 in Barrie (located about 45 minutes north of the city of Toronto), this is a very good little company to hire; specializing in custom-built cellars, the quality of craftsmanship is very high; prices are not listed on their website --- website: www.knightsbridgecellars.com
  • Rosehill Wine Cellars Inc. --- located at 339 Olivewood Road in the west end of Toronto, this is a solid company, with a wide selection of wine racks and cooling units from which to select (they also have a very good selection of wine-related accessories); service is efficient, the prices reasonable --- website: http://www.rosehillwinecellars.com/
  • Wine Cave Inc. --- located at 117 Roncevalles Avenue in the west end of Toronto, this is a well-established company that specializes in selling wine storage products (such as wine racks and cooling units); prices are good, and its servicepeople are helpful; they also have a fine array or wine-related accessories; online ordering is available --- website: http://www.winecaveinc.com/
While it should not come as a surprise to anyone, Toronto is a terrific place for purchasing wine-related accessories. From picking up several dozen 'cheapy' glasses for parties to purchasing a top-end crystal decanter for a special occasion, such as an anniversary or wedding, there is no shortage of good shops!

However, if you are like me, you don't want to spend more money on items than you have to. Thus, I think most people will find my recommendations useful.

Most of these places have been in business for a long time, and are noted for not overcharging.
  • William Ashley--- located at the Manulife Centre at Bay and Bloor Sts. in downtown Toronto, this is one of the finest shops of its kind in Toronto (if not the country), specializing in premium quality wares of all types; their selection of glassware and decanters (and other wine-related accessories) is astounding, and the staff are extremely well-versed in helping customers to select ones that are best suited to their wants and needs; surprisingly enough, their prices, though hardly cheap, are not unreasonable; without question, William Ashley is my top recommendation for enthusiasts searching for high-end glassware and decanters --- website: http://www.williamashley.com/
  • The Wine Establishment --- having carved out a large, yet well-earned, piece of the 'wine accessories pie,' this is an exemplary shop for purchasing wine accessories; located at 250 The Esplanade (Courtyard Suite 104) in downtown Toronto, they not only have an excellent selection of glassware and decanters, they also have a superb assortment of ultra-premium refrigerated wine cellar units, as well as custom-built cellar installation services; prices tend to be expensive, plus the service is quite poor, but selections are excellent --- http://www.thewineestablishment.com/


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