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According to most reputable economic reports, the majority of people in our fair city do not rake in millions of dollars a year in income (at least after taxes). In relation to wine, this means that most people, when going to an L.C.B.O. outlet, are simply on the lookout for  bottles that are good value for their hard-earned cash --- I know I do.

This week at HitnerWine, I am happy to recommend some of my favourite cheapies, each of which are, in my opinion, underpriced!


(1) Mezzomondo
      -Salento (IGT), ITALY
Negroamaro (grape varietal)
      -Vintage 2005 (DRINK NOW)
      -L.C.B.O. PRICE: $8.45
      (Widely Available - "Thanks, Dad!")

COMMENT: This label is one of the most popular Italian wines among consumers (and restaurant operators) within Ontario ("Thanks, Dad!"). At $8.45, it is always good, with full body, good fruit (with lots of dark cherries), and balanced acidity. For people looking for an 'Old World' wine below $10.00, I would always recommend buying a few bottles of this particular item.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: Spaghetti with meat sauce --- enjoy!

(2) Marcus James
      -Mendoza, Argentina
      -Vintage 2006 (DRINK NOW)
      -L.C.B.O. PRICE: $9.00


COMMENT: To be certain, this has got to be one of the best-priced (and least well-known) bargains the L.C.B.O. has to offer. At under ten dollars, this wine is full of dark flavours and wonderful fruit, as well as marked by a noticeably long finish

PAIRING SUGGESTION: Smoked ribs --- enjoy!


(1) Jacques & François Lurton ('Les Fumées Blanches')
      -Southwest (Vin de Pays), France
      -Sauvignon Blanc
      -Non-vintage (DRINK NOW OR HOLD)
      -L.C.B.O. PRICE: $11.15
       (Widely Available - "Thanks, Dad!")

COMMENT: This wine is routinely recommended by wine writers in Toronto, and rightly so. With such lovely acidic fruit and mineral content, along with an almost-zesty note, this wine might remind enthusiasts of an entry-range New Zealand equivalent (the latter of which generally costs at least three dollars more!).

PAIRING SUGGESTION: Rainbow trout --- enjoy!

(2) Peter Lehmann
      -Barossa, Australia
      -Vintage 2005 (DRINK NOW)
L.C.B.O. PRICE: $12.15

COMMENT: To my enjoyment, I have probably drunk this wine about ten times in less than five years, and it has never ceased to impress me. Carrying a lot of fruit and just the right acidity, this blend of Semillon and Chardonnay offers wine enthusiasts the opportunity to examine Aussie winemakers' unmatched ability to blend wines that, throughout the rest of the wineproducing world, seldom ever touch each other.

PAIRING SUGGESTION: Roasted chicken --- enjoy!


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