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Welcome to my website!

My name is Julian Hitner:

I was born in Toronto and have lived here all my life, having done an extraordinary amount of traveling and visiting much of North America, virtually all of Western Europe, and Australia. Several years ago, I completed my studies at the University of Toronto (Victoria College).

My favourite thing in life is wine!

Several years ago ago, I decided to begin developing my own website. Nothing fancy, I just wanted to produce a website that provided small bits of information on wine, as well as details on what I can offer clients in the way of premium services.
Up until now, I have hosted many private tastings, assisted dozens of collectors with their cellars, travelled extensively, written too many articles to count, and offered advice to more people than you'd dare imagine!

Then, in the past few years, I have expanded my enterprises even further, making my website the hub for information on all things related to wine in Toronto.
Though I do admit there is still much work to be done (a website like this is never complete), I'm sure most people will be impressed by what my website has to offer.
If you have any questions, just send me an email!



To be honest, a great portion of my present fascination with wine is owed to my father, who made a tremendous impact in the span of just a few years on how wine can be viewed as both a beverage for pleasurable consumption and as an 'institution' for study.


Growing up in Toronto of all places, I was always offered a little sample of wine at the dinner table. Of course, it always tasted terrible, but it definitedly kindled my interest of wine at an early age.


By the time I was twenty, I was beginning to spend an extraordinary amoung of time in pursuit of the study of wine, including: (1) its cultivation; (2) its trade; (3) its history; (4) its consumption; and (5) peoples' varying attitudes towards it. To ensure that this never seriously conflicted with my university studies, I even incorporated my ever-growing love of wine into my studies, writing four equally-interesting historical papers on the subject --- click here to read them (they are at the bottom of the page)

And so, it is with pleasure that I offer my services - that is to say, my knowledge of wine and its associative facets - to those who are interested.

Not to be immodest, but there are very few people in Toronto who are as familiar with wine as myself. Over the past five years, I have, almost literally, spent countless hours pouring through practically every relevant piece of literature relating to wine, from memorizing each issue of such world-class magazines as Decanter and The Wine Spectator to examining the written works of Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson MW, Roderick Phillips, and Tony Aspler, just to name a few --- one should never feel so smart as to avoid reading the works of one's older (and wiser) peers!

In addition to the above, I have also done a considerable amount of traveling to different wine regions throughout France and Italy (as well as continually venturing through the Niagara wine region, located in southern Ontario). Visiting numerous estates and winemakers in the process – including ones in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, the Rhône, Piedmont, and Tuscan (and these are the ones just in Europe!) – I have developed a confident familiarity with vineyard management, winemaking techniques, and stylization of different wines.

On a more practical side, I am also one of the most frequent attendees of our very own 'Toronto wine scene,' regularly participating in both annual tastings and special events throughout our fair city during the year in order to always keep myself on top of what's going on. At the same time, I also have excellent connections with a good number of well-regarded Toronto private wine agencies, which allows me to procure all sorts of different and interesting wines to satisfy all of my clients' needs. I also have contacts with the finest rental agencies and expert copyists, which ensures my clients ultra-premium results.

As a consultant, I take the needs of my clients quite seriously. After all, one is only useful in so far as one is capable of  properly executing requested tasks.

Hence, it has always been my belief that hard work speaks for itself (which is one of the core reasons why I opted to build my website without professional help ... for just a couple of bucks, I have constructed a website to share my adoration of good drink [and all that accompanies it] with others).

Conclusively, if you are a potential (or existing) client, I hope you will always feel able to count on me to assist in all things related to the spirit of wine.


Retaining my services is easy --- just give me a call or send me an email!

If you live abroad and require overseas services (such as private purchases and/or courier arrangements --- I am just about the only person in southern Ontario who provides this service), it is probably best to just send me an email!


Email me at julianhitner@hitnerwine.com


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