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I freely admit it --- I need to be entertained. And since the theme of my website is wine, it only seems fitting that I take the liberty of scouring the Internet for a few jokes relating to my predominant interest. Though it has hardly been easy, I have successfully come across a few items of 'funny bone' persuasion. Most of them are pretty silly, but I know my limitations: I leave it to the Brits to be 'wine witty.' Pitty I have decided not to use really crude jokes on my site ...


To my enjoyment, I have come across a whole assortment of very funny cartoons relating to wine. Granted, some of them are funnier than others, but I do believe I have found enough to offer a good laugh or two. Check out this one below - Garfield raises his glass to life!

In other cartoons, we sometimes are provided with a more subtle type of humour. A good example of this is a cartoon I came across not too long ago that details a couple of funny sea creatures planning a vertical wine tasting! They had this in the Saturday comics section of my local newspaper; I wonder how many people actually appreciated the joke?


In North America, where most of us really consider wine to be a type of 'beverage of choice' and not an actual essential component to our diet, it is not uncommon to come across humourous images that remind us this very fact. In my opinion, the image to the right illustrates this to near-exactitude.

Another aspect of wine and popular culture is the obsession some people have in always pairing the most suitable type of wine(s) with their meals. Personally, I think many people (especially in North America) take food-and-wine pairing too far, as shown in this very funny cartoon with two 'talking' bears (above right).


To my dismay, some people take 'wine humour' (or the sheer marketing of wine) in the wrong direction. A good example of this is an image I found of Hitler being put on a bottle. As it turns out, the wine had started being sold in 2003. How revolting! Granted, I realize that such an image is hardly a laughing manner, but I would go so far in arguing that, because a winery had the audacity to market such a label, we ought to all laugh at them for being so stupid. In this case, the 'them' is winemaker Andrea Lunardelli. You know what is even sadder? People are buying this label in droves - Sad!


For whatever reason, world-famous wine critic Robert Parker Jr. always seems to fine himself at the centre of various wine-related controversies. The result? The man seems to have an inordinate number of make-fun cartoons to his name.

Without seeming to take sides (for the record, I actually encourage arguments over wine, as it promotes greater diversity), it would seem that Parker's opinions on wine are often made the butt of jokes by other critics and commentators for reasons pertaining to both his background and overall character.

With no formal training in wine, Parker is often viewed as something of an upstart in 'wine evaluation.' Widely regarded to retain certain prejudices over lighter styles of wine (such as Bourgogne), he is routinely criticised for having what many non-American wine writers call an 'American palate' (one that prefers large, fruity, high-alcohol wines).

According to a recent biography, Parker's personality is not conducive to accepting criticism, as he is said to often become quite personal is his responses to other writers who may disagree with his opinions. The consequence, to our amusement, is a whole load of funny wine cartoons related (both directly and indirectly) to him!

On this page, I have posted a few of the ones I have come across on the Internet.


No matter how bad drunkenness can be for one's health, there is no question that drunk people can be extremely funny (even if they don't mean to be). For thousands of years, we have always made fun of people (animated or otherwise) who partake of a little too much wine (among other forms of booze).


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