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While starting a wine cellar might seem easy, it can be a logistical (and financial) nightmare if you don't know what to do!
Let's face it: with a few exceptions here and there, most contractors aren't exactly known for honesty when it comes to pricing. If not careful, one's budget can be thown into complete disarray by the costs of constructing a cellar. And, of course, there is the continuous question of what kinds of wines to put in it once it's built. This is where I come in.
With my help, you don't have to worry about shoddy contractors or bad information -- just great advice on how to build the best cellar and fill it with the best wines.
My prices are reasonable, my knowedge incredible!

Here is what I offer:
  • Suggestions on reputable contractors within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) who can assist in the construction of a personalized wine cellar --- from personal experience, I can guarantee some are better than others!

  • One-on-one consultation on what wines would be most suitable in a person's individualized wine cellar, tailored to desired price points and tastes --- no one is better at obtaining the most sought-after wines than me, from premium Bordeaux to the greatest Californian reds!

  • Advice on which wines to put in the cellar for long-term aging, which wines should be kept for a few years' maturation, and which wines are meant for everyday drinking --- most wines lovers have tremendous difficulty selecting the most optimum time to crack open their wines!

  • Making sure that all bottles are: (1) properly ordered (traditionally, bottles in a wine cellar are organized according to country or region; and (2) properly labeled (as common sense would dictate, the most important things to have on the label are name, country, vintage, and a timeframe for when it is best drunk).
Once a wine cellar has been completed and filled with bottles, many people have difficulty keeping track of both stock and supplies, and dislike the prospect of having to continually update the labels on their collection changes.

Here is what I offer:
  • An up-to-date computerized journal (or inventory list) for cellar owners with large stocks of the same item (ex. "four cases of Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon 'Reserve,' Vintage 2002 --- drink now or hold!") --- in my own wine cellar, I keep such a journal, and find it extremely useful.

  • Continuous updating of bottle labels (like the ones shown in the photograph above --- note how each label is carefully affixed to the neck of the bottle, as well as how it contains any relevant information pertaining to the wine).

  • Procurement of desired wines, from the best Bordeaux to the finest Champagnes --- PLEASE NOTE: Because I live in Ontario, Canada, most of the items I obtain is either through the L.C.B.O. or private agencies (all other wines I bring in from other Canadian provinces or overseas of my own accord); either way, I always make sure to get the fairest prices for the wines I purchase --- I can get my hands on any bottle!
Email me at julianhitner@hitnerwine.com


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